Mattresses for Sun Loungers

We manufacture professional quality mattresses for sun loungers for businesses which are durable and long lasting. The filling is reinforced foam available in a variety of thicknesses (4-5-6-8-10 or 12cm) and the dimensions you specify.
All our mattresses have reinforced 5cm zipper fastenings for easy removal and washing. They also have reinforced 5cm straps with Velcro at the back and fabric bindings at two points on the seat.
We manufacture beach/pool cushions and puffs suitable for outdoor professional use. The filling is expanded polyesterini with a polyester reinforced lining. The covers can be made in a variety of colours and patterns, suitable for outdoor use, including leather, which are removable and washable.
The fabrics we use are waterproof, won’t fade, are UV resistant and are washable. The leather we use is Greek, doesn’t stick to the skin, doesn’t get hot in the sun (the light colours), doesn’t absorb water, and is easily cleaned with mild soap. We fully recommend it for its great durability over time and use.
We also manufacture new covers for your mattresses, and can offer the replacement of damaged foam.
(We recommend opening and closing the zipper every 15 days to avoid them getting stuck from the accumulated sea spray and sand).

Mattresses for Poolside Loungers

We manufacture cushions for pool loungers in any dimensions, covered with fabric suitable for outdoor use that’s waterproof, doesn’t fade and are washable, in a large variety of colors and patterns as well as leather for outdoor use.
*The leather we use is waterproof, does not stick to the skin, the light colors don’t heat up in the sun, and is easily cleaned with mild soap.

Mattresses for Day beds