Sun Shades

For beach bars, hotels and taverns...

We produce the reeds for our sun shades in Greece, in Epirus. Our  sun shades are created in certain dimensions, such as 200×300 cm, 250×300 cm, 150×300 cm, 300×300 cm but also in separate reeds 250(Υ)x3.5-4.5 cm.

sun shades prices:
200×300 cm: 48€ , 250×300 cm: 66€ , 150×300 cm: 75€ , 300×300: 90€. Separate reeds 250(Υ)x3.5-4.5 cm thinckness, pack of 30 pieces price: 35€.

Our reeds are for professional use (fences – pergolas) since they are weather resistant and extremely durable. The product is aimed at restaurants, hotels, beach bars, campings as well as individuals. They offer perfect shading, in style.

We also offer plain reeds for décor, with a height of 6 meters, and screens/separators.
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*Prices include VAT 24%

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