Booboo Cushion

Floating comfort!
Pool pillow Booboo (145x145cm) with hem detail and handle, covered with waterproof and UV resistant fabric suitable for outdoor use and large plastic boat zip.

Gem Puff lounger

Puff lounger ‘Gem Single’.
Comfortable and durable with shredded foam filling at the back and polystyrene filling in the seat, covered with fabric suitable for outdoor use, easily removable (with double lining) waterproof and UV resistant.

Eva Beach lounger

Beach lounger ‘Eva single’
Beach lounger ‘Eva single’ with head pillow, made of solid foam, covered with Greek leatherette ‘Plus’ suitable for outdoor use and hem coloring.

Sissy Puff armchair

Puff armchair ‘Sissy’
suitable for outdoor use with removable cover 70x110x80 cm height, available in many colors and patterns, water proof, easily removable (double lining) and UV resistant.

Angie Puff armchair

Puff armchair ‘Angie’
XL armchair that combines comfort and luxury!
Angie (125x105x70) suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, filled with shredded A’ quality foam covered with removable fabric .

Sun Loungers

We manufacture professional quality mattresses for sun loungers for businesses which are durable and long lasting…

Puff Loungers