Indoor Built In Sofas

We make cushions to the measurements of your own built constructions. Every cushion is being made to order based on the dimensions of your sofa. We offer you the possibility to choose from many colors, designs and qualities of interior fabrics. Slow-burning fabrics, easy clean, cotton, canvas, upholstery, chenille and velvet.

Outdoor Built In Sofas

Outdoor cushions for built-in sofas and built-in benches. The pillows are made to order based on the dimensions of your constructions. Large variety in colors and designs of outdoor fabrics. Professional fabrics 100% acrylic dralon, waterproof, indelible and leathers.

Μαξιλάρια πλάτης

Built in sofa for Spa – Nails Salon

Cushions for business premises. We make pillows for hair salon, spa and nails salons. Possibility to choose from a wide variety of professional easy clean fabrics or leatherette.