The history of the family business begins in 1968 when the then young Exarchos Zois opened a small business in the ancient part of Athens ,Monastiraki ,with the object of manufacturing handmade cotton mattresses and at the same time trading in furniture for home and businesses.

Later in 1988, the business was moved to Vari – Koropi, where it is still located today. The main occupation now is the manufacture of cushions for indoor and outdoor furniture and mainly bamboo furniture. At the same time, new products are imported from abroad and local suppliers for indoor and outdoor furniture for household as well as professional equipment.

From 1998, Giannis, son of Exarchos, joined the business, continuing the development of the craft. Since 2008, work has been almost exclusively involved in the production of cushions for furniture, built-in sofas, deck chairs and poufs intended for Hotels and professional use.

Constantly investing in the quality of our products with high-quality materials (foam, fabrics, etc.), with specialized machines and above all with well-trained staff, our business has now established its position in the Greek market. is now well-known with collaborations throughout Greece and abroad. Our passion and our love for what we create, as well as the quality of our products, aim to continuously strengthen our position in the field.

Our vision
Our main concern is the preservation of the values that our small business has had since its inception. We want our customers to be happy, the quality of our products to be impeccable, and to be worthy of the trust you have shown us all these years.

• More than 40 suppliers.
• More than 2500 active customers in Greece and abroad.
• 15 external partners
• Branch in Arta northwest of Greece ,with the purpose of straw production.

We believe in team work, our partnerships and continue our efforts for high level customer satisfaction…
John and Exarchos Zois